It's all about THE CAPSULES!

The patented WISHPro system is all about the capsules!

Each is specially developed and help the signs of aging as well as dry, sensitive skin.

These capsules are truly revolutionizing the industry’s approach to skin care.

Available in three distinctive lines, the WISHPro capsules at last allow you to pamper yourself.

Natural Line

Targeted toward younger clients, this Natural Line focuses on skin that is generally dry or sensitive. Utilizing all-natural oils, these capsules enrich and enhance skin in a non-invasive, healthy way.

Infusion Line

Designed to work with all types of skin complexions, these capsules are dependent on the gentle infusion of powerful extracts that work to bring back the skin’s youthful luster and natural glow.

Active Pro-Long Line

The APL formulation is based on an emulsion easily absorbed by the skin. Effective for all skin types, we are excited about this innovative new line of powerful capsules.


Allumez et uniformisez votre tonus de peau grâce à une procédure qui bloque la mélanine épidermique et régule la biosynthèse

Anti Aging Serum

Powerful antioxidants in the Jojoba oil help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. A perfect natural moisturizer and prevents dehydration


Reduces wrinkles by limiting facial muscle contractions as a topical skin care that mimics the effects of Botox® in the skin without the negative side effects.

Calming Milk

Using the antiseptic, antibacterial properties of this Calendula oil based product, your skin can look more refreshed, better nourished and win the battle against annoying skin infections.


Contains a pure collagen base to protect the skin from harmful radiation, reinforce your immune system and fight free radicals to slow down skin aging and cell degradation


A pure bio-energy source for moister and nourished skin, no needle needed for reduction of deep wrinkles

Neo Energy

A pure bio-energy source for moister and nourished skin, no needle needed for reduction of deep wrinkles

Peel Exfoliator

Renews and revitalizes your skin. Restores a youthful glow by applying Sweet Almond Oil enriched with cellulose peeling containing Vitamins E and A.


Contains Shea butter rich in Vitamins A, E and F. Rejuvenates damaged cells, while restoring elasticity and tone. Rejuvenation provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary to protect and regenerate the skin.


Stimulates cellular repair and wound healing, improves skin elasticity, firmness and a visible reduction of wrinkles